A junior at Rutgers University–New Brunswick, Evan majors in Information Technology & Informatics with minors in Professional & Technical Writing and Digital Communication, Information, & Media (DCIM). He is passionate about technology, media, and social change, and has explored those interests through coursework in several academic departments. He aspires to work in technical writing, marketing, or user experience research.

Proficient in academic writing, creative writing, and technical writing, Evan is an excellent written communicator, capable of writing in different styles depending on his target audience. He currently serves as a tutor at Rutgers University’s Digital Writing Center, where he guides weekly 80-minute tutoring sessions. In addition, Evan is a brand marketing intern at humanID, a nonprofit organization creating a secure single sign-on (SSO) platform to limit the spread of misinformation online.

His written communication skills are complemented by basic knowledge of Windows, Linux, HTML, CSS, and WordPress. In addition, Evan has led multiple team projects. As a brand marketing intern for humanID, Evan is currently coordinating a fundraising video project. He also served as the team lead for a semester-long research project in the course Social Informatics at Rutgers. Lastly, Evan served as the lead writer, narrator, and audio/video editor in a virtual internship with the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital’s Community Health Promotions program. You can find out more about this project in the “Writing” section of the website.

To contact him, don’t hesitate to reach out to evanleong5@gmail.com or connect with him on LinkedIn.


(If the resume isn’t showing up, you can find it at this link)