• Self-Reflection

    In my ePortfolio course this semester, I had the opportunity to reflect on my personal values, and how I can create a marketable brand with my core values and beliefs. I also learned the importance of my own public image, and networking effectively with my peers.

    One of the most inspiring assignments was the Summative Interview assignment. For the assignment, I reached out to Amy Sciaretto, the founder and President of Atom Splitter PR (a music PR company that represents some bands I listen to) and a Rutgers University alumni. She and I set up an interview, and we were able to discuss how she built her career.

    Amy told me that the PR industry is all about being “active and in touch” with other people. It doesn’t matter who — clients, teams, and peers in her field — keeping touch with all sorts of people ensures that she has a relationship with people who can help her in her career. She also noted the importance of doing favors for others, because they might return it some day. Networking is definitely something I’ve been working on over the course of the semester; I find it very awkward to make connections with my peers, and finding ways to build and maintain these connections through consistent communication is so important (otherwise it seems like I am trying to get a professional connection out of them).

    Amy ended with a really inspiring quote, which I appreciated: “Love what you do, fuck the rest. When you love what you do, it’s not a job. To be able to engage your passion as a job is so rewarding. It will suck at times, you will struggle with [work/life] balance as you make your name/career, but remember that you can still make time for yourself and self-care even as you are building your career.”

    I love to shoot photos and videos, but throughout my academic career I’ve been told that those skills will never translate to “money.” Amy was told the same thing as she entered her career in music journalism, but eventually turned it into a successful career as a PR professional. I was inspired by her expertise, and I hope in theto approach my career with the same drive that made her successful.

    In addition, I found the 1-1 peer mock interview very helpful. I approached it a bit nervous because I don’t typically do well in with interviews, but Dr. Houser was very helpful in reinforcing my interview strengths and offering up critiques on how to frame my answers. I think this assignment helped me grow comfortable talking about myself and what I have to offer. In addition, she pointed out that each of my responses demonstrated a desire to help others succeed.

    Lastly, my 1-1 session with Dr. Koczan helped me realize that I need more depth behind “passion” when I use that word in my resume and LinkedIn profile.

    In terms of my brand, I’m now prepared to explain what passion means to me and how I can apply it to my career. “Passionate, modern multimedia production” is the key message I hope to get across to employers. I also believe that empathy is one of my biggest strengths, and the desire to help others that Dr. Houser pointed out is a huge part of my branding as well. While it’s not perfect yet, I hope that this ePortfolio serves as a good starting point in the public display of my personal brand.