Welcome to my tutoring portfolio for the Fall 2021 semester. Here, you will find several activities documenting my progress from a Digital Writing Center intern to a tutor. If you have any questions about my portfolio or tutoring, please reach out to me at evanleong5@gmail.com.


I never thought I’d be a writing tutor. Initially, I was hesitant to apply for the Writing Center internship. But I decided I might never get the opportunity again, so why not? And I made the right decision; learning how to tutor was a fulfilling experience. Because of my internship, I better understand my own writing style, and I learned several new strategies and theories which allowed me to develop my own tutoring methodology. Hopefully, I provided my tutees with an equal opportunity to learn and improve in their writing courses.

Developing an individual tutoring style was the most difficult part of tutoring. In my first session, I felt like I was thrown into the fire (figuratively, of course) — I didn’t really know how to tutor, and I felt terrible because I overwhelmed my tutee with information, leaving him slightly confused by the end of the session. Finding my identity took a lot of experimentation; I would guide my tutees too heavily in some sessions. In others, I adopted an overly minimalist approach. But I learned from those experiences, and both my tutoring ability and confidence improved significantly over the course of the semester.

In no particular order, I’ve listed my independent Statement of Tutoring Philosophy, my research-based Source Evaluation, my Working With Multilingual Students activity, my post-session notes, a self-reflective exercise, and a personal literacy narrative. I hope that these documents provide you with insight into my personal development as a writing tutor.


Evan Leong

Writing Center Tutor / Rutgers University

Statement of Tutoring Philosophy

A description of my personal tutoring approach, which uses empathy as a key framework.

Source Evaluation

My sample source evaluation for research writing classes.

Working with Multilingual Students

Feedback on a sample essay by an English Language Learner (ELL) student.

Session Notes

A compilation of some tutoring session reflections.

Self-Reflective Exercise

My mid-semester self-reflection.

Literacy Narrative

My personal literacy narrative.