Through academic writing, individual projects, and the Business & Technical Writing minor at Rutgers, I’ve developed my written communication and organizational skills. Here, I have compiled a portfolio of writing samples. Please note that I’ve removed some private information, including addresses, interviewee names, and more.

Previously, I served as a writing tutor at Rutgers University, where I tutored Expository Writing (355:101) and Writing for Business and the Professions (355:303). My tutoring portfolio is linked here. Additionally, I served on the selection committee for Rutgers’ 10th annual Undergraduate Research Writing Conference, where I scored student research papers.

Grant Proposal

For the course Writing Grant Proposals, I completed a mock grant proposal for the Mental Health Association of Morris and Essex County. Through this project, I learned how to properly research, organize information, and present visuals within a grant proposal.

Business Proposal

For the Writing for Business and Professions course, I performed primary and secondary research to write a business proposal. I proposed a nonprofit literacy organization located in New Brunswick, New Jersey to combat low literacy rates in local elementary schools. I focused on formatting, use of whitespace, and visuals to keep the information organized.

Beyond the Screen: A Research Paper

For a graduate-level course called Media Studies: Theory & Practice, I conducted a study on whether common gaming stereotypes can affect gamers’ perceptions of empathy and discrimination.

Sample Abstract

For the course Writing Grant Proposals, I wrote a practice abstract on a grantseeking report. My goal was to condense the most important findings of a 60+ page report into a single-page abstract.

Climate Change Research Paper

For the course Extinction, I researched and wrote about the impact of anthropogenic climate change on forests in the Pacific Northwest. As a resident of California, I experienced dangerous air quality following major forest fires. My research focuses on the hypothetical impact of climate change on increasing rates of wildfires, as well as the impact of fires on wildlife, forest ecosystems, and humans.

Writing in Two Professional Fields

For my Technical Writing class, I created an interview paper on the importance of writing in two separate fields: user assistance development, and healthcare supervision. For this paper, I performed primary and secondary research, using books, journal articles, and personals interviews with two professionals in their respective fields.

Impact of Global Capitalism Essay

For the course Expository Writing, I wrote an analytic essay on the detriment of global capitalism to three major systems of power. More specifically, I discussed how the power balance between individuals in capitalistic societies can lead to the exploitation of the environment and specific populations.

Client Letter Documentation

For my internship with Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital’s Community Health Promotions program, I created professional documentation, including progress reports and client letters. Here is an example of a professional client letter that I sent directly to the head of the organization.